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Enchanted Wishing Well

The enchanted wishing well at Mallowbrook Hollow is very powerful and the only well which can grant genuine wishes. 

When a wish is made, it is a fairy’s job to collect the wish and transport it to the enchanted well at Mallowbrook.   A variety of wishes each day are brought to the well.  Some are wishes made whilst blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, or sometimes wishes made in times of trouble or need.  Fairies may also collect genuine wishes to make good or wishes made at other wishing wells.   If the wish has been made with a kind, honest heart, then the wish will be granted.  If the wish has been made for greed or for unkind reasons the wishing well will reject the wish.

 The enchanted wishing well is very old and wise. It has powerful magic and can not be fooled...although many have tried.