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The Forgotton Sundial
Humans discarded this old sundial many, many years ago, leaving it to fall further into disrepair; unwanted, unused and unloved.  It is situated in a shaded corner of Mallowbrook Hollow, underneath three large oak trees.  The stone carvings of rose buds and ivy leaves, which once circled the pillar,  have since crumbled away and bright green moss has taken their place.

The Forgotten Sundial holds no magic apart from the spectacular celebrations which the fairy folk hold underneath it.

At Christmas time, dewbies sprinkle fresh dewdrops above the Forgotten Sundial, which delicately hang like hundreds of sparkling fairy lights, and the fairies drape garlands of holly and mistletoe.  The Christmas celebration at Mallowbrook is like no other and an event which everyone at Mallowbrook looks forward to, especially Elliot.

Ellimas is also celebrated here.  Each May, the residents of Mallowbrook are busy with all of the preparations for this important event.  Yellow bows and garlands decorate the sundial; plump and ripened nuts and berries are served on toadstool tables; and the large pyramid, made from leaves, moss and shiny sweet wrappers built by the gnomes, sits proudly in the middle.

The Ellimas celebration is held in honour of brave little Elliot and to celebrate the birth of the summer.