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               Dragonfly Watch
Dragonflies were one of the first winged insects on our planet and today there are over 5,000 different species! They have six legs, four wings and their bodies comes in all sorts of colours: from the brightest red to the darkest black with green spots.
In Mallowbrook Hollow, dragon flies have the very important duty of flying dewbies
around, so that they can sprinkle their fresh dewdrops. In our gardens, dragon flies are
responsible for eating up all of those pesky mosquitoes. It’s even been said that they can
eat anything from 30-100 mosquitoes a day!
                                   We love love dragonfly watching and would love for you to join us in this
                                   month’s dragonfly watch. So get a responsible adult to take you outside
                                   and then send us photos, drawings and paintings of the best dragonfly you see. We will display     
                                   our favourite entries in Mallowbrook Gallery but in the meantime here are our top tips for    
                                   dragonfly spotting:
  • Dragonflies love the water and can often be found dancing about near ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. But make sure 

          you stay safe and always have an adult with you.

  • They love the heat and are most active from mid-morning to mid-afternoon when it is warmer.
  • The fastest dragonflies can fly up to 30mph! So keep your eyes peeled.
Send your entries, along with your name and age to elliot@mallowbrookhollow.com or tag us on Facebook or Twitter.
Happy dragonfly watching! 
   Elliot & Culley