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Mallowbrook Meadow

Mallowbrook Meadow sits proudly in the centre of Mallowbrook Hollow.  It is surrounded by weeping willows, which rustle ever so gently when the breeze drifts through their silvery leaves.  Buttercups and daisies poke their heads through the soft grass and the hustle and bustle of tiny insects, busy carrying out their work, can be seen as they dart from flower to flower. 

Elliot and her friends Dixie and Boo spend endless hours in the meadow during the summer, laying in the warm grass, looking up into the blue sky and making pictures out of the fluffy clouds.  Elliot's favourite past-time is to eat a picnic of seeds and berries in the shade underneath the surrounding trees and then spend the afternoon with her chums, making long winding daisy chains whilst wearing buttercup sun hats.