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The Hootsnoop
Unlike humans, us fairy folk do not celebrate Halloween, in fact we think humans quite funny when we spy them dressing up in scary clothing to celebrate this autumn festival.
What we do celebrate along with your Halloween celebrations, however, is the Hootsnoop.  The Hootsnoop got its name from the song  us fairy folk sing as we make our way to and from your gardens on Halloween night.
At the sound of an owl’s hoot, which signals that it is safe for all fairy folk to emerge from their hideaway places, we begin our snoop for the carved, lit up pumpkins which humans have left unwanted in their gardens and whilst we walk, we sing a playful song:

The Hootsnoop, pumpkin scoop
Let’s fill our bellies
on this precious fruit
Tonight’s the night for pumpkin soup
The Hootsnoop, pumpkin scoop
We'd like to believe that humans leave out the lit up pumpkin faces to guide us to the warm pumpkin flesh inside, which us fairy folk particularly enjoy. 
So after your own Halloween celebrations have taken place and you have long gone to bed, in large gatherings, all kinds of fairy creatures spend the night in your gardens, eating the warm flesh and drinking pumpkin juice, which in large quantities, makes us all quite merry. 
Then once the morning bird song signals the start of a new day, we all wander back to our hideaway places, signing the same tune.
I have never seen the human who places a pumpkin in the middle of Mallowbrook Meadow each Halloween but I am very grateful nevertheless.
Happy Hootsnoop!